Different REVIEWS from SOUL PATROL...

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Different REVIEWS from SOUL PATROL...

Messagepar Funkygirl » 23/03/05 11:44

Quickie CD Reviews : Jimmy Castor, Like So, Martha Redbone, Little Richard, Krush, Lackawana Blues, Donna Summer, Defunkt, Bettye Swann, Chaka Khan, D-Erania, Alison Crockett, Adriana Evans

:arrow: **Jimmy Castor's 2 New EP's (OvaThaTop Funk/Jazz/Latin/Doo Wop/Rap)

Image R&B Pop Crossover Image Pop R&B Crossover with a Groove.

If you go to the website of Jimmy Castor you will find that he's got two brand new EP's. Big deal you might say if you are just a casual fan. However those of us who are in the know will recognize the historic importance of this event. It means that Jimmy Castor, the E-MAN" himself is back. And true to form he does not disapoint us. His singing and playing hasn't missed a beat in 30 years.

Website = http://www.jimmycastor.com/

You can Listen to It :arrow: Here and There

:arrow: **Like So - Like So (Rock/Pop/Soul)

If Lenny ever made a good album it might sound like this. Another one of the "secret pleasures" that I have been listening to multiple times over the past few months. If you have been waiting for a band that that could be a a "logical sucessor" to Living Colour for about 12 years and have been consistantly disapointed by the mediocre albums of Lenny Kravitz (like I have been), then don't even think twice, you need to own a copy of "Like So" - Like So. Fronted by Aisha Cohen, Like So is a bonafide Black Rock n' Roll band playing well written romantic pop songs that appeal across the chasam of race. Lenny Kravitz needs to pay close attention to this, because it's a top flight album that sounds like what the record company hype told us that he was supposed to be?

:arrow: **Martha Redbone - Skintalk (Soul/Funk/Slow Jams/Rock)

Martha Redbone is one of the most prolific FUNK artists of the century. (how's that for a mouthful?) Her first album called "Home of the Brave" could be thought of literally as "female bookend" for the album "Urban Misfit" by Sonny Boy. That first CD combined influences from Stevie Wonder to Sly Stone to Shuggie Otis and more that truly makes it a psychedelic soul" classic. Now with her second CD "Skin Talk", Martha Redbone takes us to "love land" while still retaining her FUNK edge. There are some SERIOUS slow jams here on this CD in addition to her brand of acid drenched Shuggie Otis/Sly Stone influenced FUNK.

:arrow: **Little Richard - King of Rock n' Roll (the complete Reprise Recordings) (Soul/Funk/Rock/Blues/Gospel/Jazz and everything else you can think of)

This is yet another album that if you are a historian of "Great Black Music From The Ancient To The Future" is something like discovering yet another "rosetta's stone" that helps you to understand more clearly how to connect the dots together with respect to our great musical legacy. This three CD set is a compilation containing music that was originally created by Little Richard during the timeframe of the late 1960's and early 1970's. It is a repackaging of several different LP's that were created at that time, that for one reason or another weren't commercially sucesful. As many of you will recall this was one of his many "comeback periods". What we have in this poorly titled three disk collection is actually something that is quite close to a masterpiece. We get Little Richard playing then contemporary funk, blues, jazz, rock and gospel. Some songs remind me of Sly Stone. Some songs remind me of Ceedence Clearwater, some songs remind me of Isaac Hayes, some songs remind me of Al Kooper/Shuggie Otis, etc.in their "style". But it is NONE of those people it is in fact none other than Little Richard and it is Little Richard at his creative best.


:arrow: **Krush - "Krush" (Soul/Funk/Jazz/Go Go)

Many of you here have already heard this SLAMMIN CD because we have been playing online and many of you have already writen in with your commentary on it. In my opinion when all is said and done, this is going to be one of the top releases of the year. Those of you who haven't heard it yet, need to take a listen. Those of you who have already listened to it need to head on over to the KRUSH website and order it. You have NO EXCUSE not to do it, you have already told us that you like it, so now why wouldn't you take the next logical step and order it?

Website = http://www.cloutent.com/Krush/

:arrow: **"Lackawana Blues" (Music From The HBO Movie) (Rock n' Roll/Blues/R&B)

This is an outstanding soundtrack album from the equally outstanding HBO movie. Good source material for those who are interested in the roots of Rock n' Roll.

:arrow: **Defunkt - Journey "Live" (Stone Cold Funk)

Some folks who are under the mistaken idea that Funk music died in the 1980's probably never really checked out DEFUNKT. Journey "Live" is a great CD that is not only a GREAT FUNK ALBUM, it clearly demostrates just where FUNK MUSIC was supposed to have gone in the 1980's. As such it brings a tear to my eye that the music did not evolve in that direction. It's a live set (including my favorite "Strangle Me With Your Love") recorded in Europe in 2004 and led by Soul-Patrol favorites Joseph Bowie and Kahil El Zabar, Dufunkt (pronounced "de funk") represents the 1970's funk and 1970's Jazz, finally at peace with each other and taken to a whole new level with the addition of "new wave" (punk?). If you are a "stone cold funkateer" this album is for you (nuff said).


:arrow: **Donna Summer - "Gold" (Rock/Disco/Funk)

You want evidence of the true greatness of Donna Summer then look no further. Listening to this two CD compilation was almost like finding "lost money". Track after track, hit song after hit song re awakened me to the magic of Donna Summer. I had simply forgotten just how good she was as an artist and what a fantastic hit making machine she was as an entity. Yes there are a few "mindless disco tracks" on here, but even on those, the majesty of her powerful singing voice comes through. The big surprise here is that when viewed in the context of her complete body of work the true range and diversity of the career of Donna Summer emerges. It was always there, but it's easy to forget just how good she was. The rockers ROCK, the funk joints FUNK, the ballads are drenched with emotion and the disco is erotic as hell. Even if you always thought that you didn't like her because of the "disco tag", you owe it to yourself to pick up this set and re-evaluate her within the context of what should really be considered a career worthy of swift inclusion into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

Other Comments : http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de ... ce&s=music

:arrow: **Bettye Swann - "Bettye Swan" (Soul/Country)

First up is Bettye Swann. Born Betty Jean Champion in Shreveport, Louisiana on October 24, 1944. She spent her first nineteen years growing up in Louisiana. She later moved to California to pursue her dream of making it as a singer and writer. At age 20 she signed a deal with Money Records. Her breakthrough single and biggest hit was "Make Me Yours" in 1967.

Within a year she signed with Capitol Records cutting Country and Pop sides. She recorded with Buck Owens "Today I Started Loving You Again", which became very popular. Bettye almost made it to the hit Country variety show "Hee Haw" which Owens starred. It was determined however. that having her on the show doing an interracial love song would damage Buck's career. This incident did not stop Bettye as she recorded other songs such as "Stand By Your Man", "Cover Me" and "Sweet Dreams" a song that was a big hit for Mighty Sam McClain.

Bettye continued recording through 1970 and then left the music business. She explains that " The best thing about show business I loved was actually singing, making music and interacting with people. It wasn't always 100% fun and there were some rough times, really rough times, so I just stopped."

The recording on EMI/Astralworks features standout cuts such as "Closed For The Season", "These Arms of Mine", 'Stand By Your Man", "Sweet Dreams", "Don't Touch Me", and "I'm Lonely For You.


:arrow: **Chaka Khan - "CLASSIKHAN" (Soul/Jazz/Pop)

Next on our list is the amazing Chaka Khan who just gets better with age. Her latest release on AGU Music-Earthsong / Sanctuary Records is called CLASSIKHAN and it features the London Symphony Orchestra. Chaka reflects that most of the songs are songs she grew up with like "Stormy Weather" and "Round Midnight", have been a part of her since she was a little girl. "It was like they haunted me and I just needed to do them. I felt I was successful in regard to my honesty and intent for what I wanted to accomplish with this record."

While the marketing campaign for this recording hasn't had the promotional push as perhaps Queen Latifah or Jill Scott, the content speaks for itself. Jazz, Country, and Pop tunes are represented by standout tunes such as "Hey Big Spender", "Crazy", "Is That All There Is, "Teach Me Tonight", and "To Sir With Love". I'm here to let you know that this CD is definitely deserving of wider recognition.


:arrow: **D-Erania - "Offerings of Love" (Soul/Jazz)

Our next artist hails from Chicago and is a fellow Soul-Patroller who we can definitely look forward to hearing more things from. "Offerings of Love' is the new Jazz entry from saxophonist D-Erania. Bob Davis kept telling me about this great new Jazz artist that I needed to hear, so I contacted their label and got the music. From start to finish this recording covers various elements of Jazz. Straight-ahead improvisation, Jazz-funk, and Smooth Jazz stylings from a great group of musicians. Standout cuts include " Y.J.T.", "Jahari's Home", and "Let's Groove". Hats go off to D-erania, Anthony Morgan, Sammy Torres, Joe Rocha, and Derrick Bounds. There is even an appearance from Pittsburgh-bred guitarist Fareed Haque on the title tune.

Website = http://www.d-erania.com/

:arrow: **Alison Crockett - On Being A Woman (soul/jazz/neo soul/funky in yo' face black female 3am eroticism)

This independently produced CD is off the chain. Formerly with US3 and King Britt/Sylk 130 (two of the best groups of the 1990's), Alison Crockett seems like she is "ready" to drop a bomb like this on us. It's a rarity among the so called "neo soul" crowd because she isn't afraid to take on Badu head on and in my opinion she "Out Badu's, Badu....". For example she does a great cover in here of Janet Jackson's "When I Think Of You", but it's done in her own style (she slows it down and Funk's it up). Now think about the great job Erykah Badu did on covers like "4 Leaf Clover", "So What", "Funkin for Jamacia" and others. Alison Crockett does the same thing with "When I Think Of You" (she now owns that joint as far as I'm concerned). In short Alison Crockett isn't actually afraid to challenge Erakah Badu! I love this CD and I predict big things for Alison Crockett, if she can get some airplay (which of course we will give to her on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio). She's a great artist, with some great original material as well that is also the equal of Badu's originals and I hope that people are willing to give her a listen. It's got a slot in my "3am rotation", put this on while you are just laying there with your lady...

:arrow: **Adriana Evans - Nomadic (soul/rock/funk/latin)

This Independently produced CD sounds like it is derived directly from the mission statement of Soul-Patrol or perhaps even the Black Rock Coalition. This is obviously an artist who isn't afraid to take risks. A decade after having major label (and knee-gro radio) success and damn near the creator of the term "neo soul", Adriana Evans has totally reinvented herself in the guise of a woman who wants to create her own definition of what success really is. The closest thing I can compare the feeling I got when I heard this album, is the feeling that I got when I first saw the transformation of "Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles into first saw the "LABELLE" - Nightbirds. This album is kinda like a musical Declaration of Independence (from knee-gro radio) for this lady and I defiantly want to take the journey along with her. It's fresh, funky and certainly a plesant surprise from an artist who should actually be a HUGE STAR right now (if all things were equal) but since this world is a cruel place, dictated by people who don't actually give a damn about true artists who produce truly GREAT music Adriana Evans new CD is likely to only heard by the few of us left who actually care about the music.

Bob DAVIS (of Soul Patrol's List)
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Messagepar Funkygirl » 28/04/05 10:52

Cassius White - >From The Inside Out (Soul/Jazz)


"When I first met Philadelphian Cassius White he described his new instrumental CD as "Smooth Jazz". I can certainly understand why he did that. After all I understand that from a marketing perspective, damn near anyone who has an instrumental album has to label it as "smooth jazz" in order to have any hope whatsoever of getting commercial airplay in the year 2005. However upon closer inspection and some serious listening, it's obvious to me that it's quite a bit more than the overused and poorly understood phrase "smooth jazz". As I listened to the music during my daily commute another overused and poorly understood phrase comes to mind...."OLD SCHOOL". Not "old school" in the Tom Joyner sense. But "old school" from the real side. As I drive along in my car listening, the music forces my mind to drift back to the 1970's to a time when driving a different car ("69 duce & a quarter"....lol), with the top down, speakers blasting the cool sounds of CTI as I was cruising around the streets in ghetto neighborhoods of cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, etc. looking for god knows what. That's what this album makes me think of... "

:arrow: http://www.cassiuswhite.com/

Sir Joe Quartermaine & Free Soul - They Want Funky Music (Funk/Classic Soul)

"Back in 1969 (I think?) Sir Joe Quartermaine & Free Soul rocked the Soul music charts with what was probably the quintessential Black anti war/social consciousness song done to that point in time. I'm sure that yall remember "So Much Trouble In My Mind"? That song was historic enough (I always wondered if the song influenced Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On"?) that if you go to any "oldies but goodies party" even today, you are likely to hear that song being played. Well Sir Joe Quartermaine & Free Soul are back with a brand new CD and it's called "They Want Funky Music" and it's a badd slama jama. This album doesn't make any pretenses whatsoever. It truly sounds like a "retro album", nothing "new" here at all, this is an album of 100 percent pure classic soul/funk. In fact the best way I could describe this album is that if you heard it and didn't know what it was, you might just mistakenly think that it was the electric southern fried funk of Johnny "Guitar" Watson. That is with the exception of one song...."I Want A Love I Can Wallow In", which sounds like doo wop influenced "east coast grind" material."

The Tim Terry Experience (Soul/Nu Soul/Funk/Memphis Soul)


"Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that the legacy of the STAX record company had not been appropriated by John Belushi and Dan Ackyrod, but instead had continued thru the 70's, 80's, 90's right up to 2005 and been entrusted in the stewardship of people who understood that the purpose of the record company was not to mimic (in whiteface) what the music sounded like in 1969. Assume for a moment that the people running things understood that the music of STAX in 2005 should be the same as the music of STAX in 1965. And that is a reflection of what current everyday life is like for Black people, done in a commercial pop music mode, with a little bit of FUNK and a whole lotta BBQ sauce & fatback thrown into the mix. Well if you were to wake up from this dream, you might just hear the music of Tim Terry playing in the background."

Other Review :arrow: http://www.soultracks.com/tim_terry.htm
:arrow: Cd baby's Link

Leela James - A Change is Gonna Come (Southern Soul/Slow Jams)


"Imagine if a major label decided that it would be in their best interests to hire a crack production team to take a young Black woman out of Cleveland Ohio with a POWERFUL set of lungs and create a piece of art that takes you back to the time when singers like Carla Thomas, Betty Wright, Mavis Staples and others ruled the charts? Now imagine this recording being created back in 2003 and sitting on the shelf till now? Do you like your slow jams dripping with a mixture of erotic love juices and BBQ sauce made for dipping your "biscuit" into? Well if u do (like I do) then you might just like this CD, scheduled for a June release."

:arrow: http://www.leelajames.com/
:arrow: http://www.vibe.com/modules.php?op=modl ... ongs&id=69

Bee Note - Bee Note (Funk/Dance/Slow Jams) - I have it and don't really take time to listen to it :oops:


"This album is truly a unique package. The all star aggregation of artists on this album working under the umbrella of "Bee Note" includes Patrice Rushen, Philip Ingram, Kevin Toney, Dorian Holly, Tony Lewis, Larry Ball, Wayne Vaughn, Mumjungo Jackson, Alfonso Jones, Kevin Johnson. So what you have here is Patrice Rushen with members of Switch, Blackbyrds, Slave, Ohio Players, Zapp, Dynasty, Sun and Slave along with former background singers for Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Micheal Jackson (whew.... lol). So what you have here is essentially an extremely diverse soul/funk/dance album made in 1999 that's worth a serious listen right now. I think that the funk cuts are truly SLAMMIN and so will you when I play them for you on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio. The ballads are top flight original pop songs that sound like they could easily appear on albums by Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Micheal Jackson. This album may have been recorded 6 years ago, but I guarantee you that it will still sound fresh 6 years from now. "

:arrow: Cd Baby's Link

George Duke - Duke (Jazz/Pop/Funk)


"George Duke is an artist who I truly love, however he has also been a disappointment to me from time to time. As we all know, he is one of the FUNK MASTERS that sometimes allows his music has a tendency to drift off into "elevator music territory". He avoids doing that with this CD and he uses artists like Ndugu Chancellor Airto and Sheila E to help out. This is a funky album and it has a few twists (for example he even samples the voice of Chuck D.... lol). Another surprise is his cover version of Stevie Wonder's "Superwoman", it's so damn cool that I suspect that the "neo soul" crowd would eat it up. The song "Hybrids" sounds like it could have come off of a Miles Davis CD. There are many strong songs here that could easily be hits in various radio genres, but that matters little to me. It's going to be a hit record in my back yard this summer, so if you come over to my house, don't expect to leave without hearing this album at least once."

:arrow: http://www.georgeduke.com/ (Dvd Live available too :lol: )

Paul Jackson - Funk On A Stick (Stone Cold Booyah Tribe Natural Born Funk)


"This album is sooo STANK that I had to go and find my close pin and place it over my nose. I guess that my expectations were nothing less from one of the founding member of the Headhunters under Herbie Hancock. I saw Paul Jackson as part of the Headhunters back in 1974 in what was the greatest funk concert I have ever seen (Herbie Hancock/Miles Davis). There isn't much more that I can write about this FUNK BOMB, but I guess I have to. It sounds to me like Return To Forever/Headhunters with James Brown, Oscar Brown and Chuck Brown speaking dat secret "Booyah Tribe Language" on vocals!!! (how's dat for a description???) Right now I am listening to it in my headphones as I type with the volume turned up to "ear bleed level". Are you a funk music fan???? (Then this CD is essential for you to own) Don't look for it anywhere on commercial radio, Clear Channel, Infinity & Cathy Hughes won't allow you to listen to it there. However I do know of one place you will be able to hear it and that is on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio "

:arrow: http://www.pauljackson.jp/

Others Reviews
:arrow: http://www.progressiveworld.net/jacksonp.html
:arrow: http://jazzalbums.net/modules.php?name= ... le&sid=121
:arrow: http://www.music-sites.net/articles/show.964.html
:arrow: http://www.evolvingartist.com/View_CDReview.aspx?ID=380

Low Price :arrow: http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/mus ... +Stick.htm
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Messagepar Funkygirl » 07/05/05 12:45


(on HIP-O Select)

This is not a CD for someone who is "new" to Smokey. This is a CD for the person who wants to take a deep exploration into the live performances of one of the best live performers in the history of Black music! It's truly an artifact of a moment captured in time

Remember a few years ago when Harry put "Going To A Go Go" and "Away We A Go Go" on the same CD, plus threw in some previously unreleased material??

(this CD is just as badd as that one was)

It's actually a two CD set that contains two LIVE albums:

- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (1957-1972)
- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (LIVE)

I own both of these LP's and I brought them when they first came out. In fact I STILL have them both (and they are in raggedy shape....lol) I have scanned in images from both to create some of the graphics which appear on the Soul-Patrol website...I have listened to BOTH of these LP's at least a thousand times :) And I long ago committed to memory every damn note of both

I'll tell yall, right now I am listening to the live version of "BAD GIRL", from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (1957-1972) a song that won't even play on my LP copy anymore, the damn grooves are seriously worn out...lol. Those two LP's of mine will never be played again. The sound quality of this two CD set is impeccable. And it's like I am hearing the song for the very first time. Smokey just plain KILLS THIS SONG.

You can hear the females screaming in ecstasy
I mean...

Now I don't wanna get too graphic here, but listening to this live rendition of "BAD GIRL"...(u know damn well that the seats of those screaming females are wet.....lol)

This song is the epitome of what a slow jam is supposed to be. In fact I just hit the repeat button...lol

There are MANY KILLER LIVE VERSONS of both songs made famous by the Miracles as well as by other artists (ex: check Smokey's monster version of Dionne Warwick's "Walk on By", from Smokey Robinson and the Miracles LIVE)

The Miracles Live is awesome. It's the Miracles at the height of their powers, in live performance. Smokey's the star, but they really are a group on stage. Claudette joins the Miracles on stage when they sing "BAD GIRL".

This too will end up on Soul-Patrol.Net radio as an entire program because it's some serious history. If it doesn't, "nightrain" willl kill me for sure....lol After all he is the creator of the:

SupaBaddAzzMoFoSmokeyRobinson&theMiraclesWebpage ( http://www.soul-patrol.com/soul/smokey.htm )
(which I guess he will have to now update....)

The CD ends with our friend young Billy Griffin joining the Miracles on stage in a rousing version of "Going To a Go Go"

Hell I'm going to get me a glass of wine and start this damn CD over again....

--Bob Davis

Funkygirl ==> I'm a White Free Passionated Funkateer and I'm Proud !

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