KONZEPTLOS - Afro/Soul/Funk/World Mixes & SoundFiles

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KONZEPTLOS - Afro/Soul/Funk/World Mixes & SoundFiles

Messagepar schoggi » 12/11/06 02:29


finally we bought a lot more webspace!
being totally unaware with that website stuff, it needed its time to do even a small update ;-)

- we added three new .mp3 soundfiles to the 'sounds' page:

"tropical" ... soul & funk from all around the world (incl. island, afro & latin stuff)
"tomorrows sound today" ... afro soul & funk
"mr. who you be" ... afrobeat

next week we will add more soundfiles...

would be very nice if you could leave a feedback in the guestbook after listening & let us know what you think... thnx!

- check also the "mixed by friends" section on the same page

listen to 'em all here:


hope you enjoy some of the sounds!


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Messagepar Funkygirl » 12/11/06 11:22

Ok thanks for the news... Sure some people here would be interrested :cool:
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Messagepar Dj-Groover » 12/11/06 14:19

yesss great ! beautiful flyers, soul funk and afrobeat so i will take everything ! thanx

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