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tomb 2mp

Old School HIP HOP

Messagepar tomb 2mp » 24/04/07 23:11

hello everybody is there a real old skool hip hop fanatic here?

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Messagepar Funkygirl » 25/04/07 00:05

I think so yes... even if I'm not a special :oops: Wonder B will reply to you I'm sure

welcome in the funkhome tomb :wink:
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Messagepar Wonder B » 25/04/07 03:31

You got that right FG...

Old school hip hop is the only hip hop I can listen to...

But since there are a lot of differences of appreciation, let me say (since I lived that period throughout) that for me old school hip hop dates back to 78 up to 84 maximum... 83 would even be closer to my personal taste but...
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