FUNKATIZED - Official Album Released

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FUNKATIZED - Official Album Released

Messagepar Funkatized » 11/06/08 00:20

Hi Everybody,

since you like Funk I thought you might be interested in Funkatized.
It's Pop/Funk/Acid-Jazz.
Should be right up your street, our album release was at April/25/2008.

Let me know what you think of it,

Cheers DeeGee [Funkatized]

The official Release Note is listed below:
Fellow Funkateers!

We are more than happy to announce that our debut album called "Funkatized" is now officially released.
It containes 14 Tracks from Soul to Funk, from Electro up to Housy Tunes.


You can buy it at the following stores or the official Funkatized Homepage:

• Itunes (
• Aol
• Emusic
• Finetunes
• Musicload
• Msn Music (Internet Explorer required)
• Napster

The official Bonus Track "Running The Gorilla" is not included in the release.
Those who buy the whole album can get the Bonus Track for free by sending us a Screenshot of their proof of purchase via email to this adress : "" with the subject "Gimme The Gorilla".



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Messagepar Funkygirl » 11/06/08 07:50

Welcome on the Funkhome Board :cool:

Funkygirl a écrit :Very interresting :cool:

Thanks for the news :wink: I like your sound

Their my Space :

A propos de Funkatized
They call themselves „Funkatized“, groove specialists DeeGee and EnBee. Their mission: to keep that funk alive. The songwriters from Berlin achieve this by delivering funk mixed with house beats. A truly phenomenal master piece straight from the german capital, which not only rocks in regards to sound, it also makes you hit the dance floor. With their debut “Funkatized”, DeeGee and EnBee present an album that glows with variety: from Acid-Jazz, Funk to Club, Electro and House, a rather unique mix of anachronism and zeitgeist. Be prepared to get Funkatized!

Deutchland grooves :wink: We were some Funkhomers near Hambourg for the Baltic Soul Festival last April and it was great :wink:
Funkygirl ==> I'm a White Free Passionated Funkateer and I'm Proud !

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Messagepar Funkatized » 11/06/08 10:19

Thanks for your support Funkygirl!

I'll keep you informed about news and stuff.

I wanted to inform you about one thing. We currently have a special sales promotion.
Those who buy the whole album and send as a copy of their proof of purchase will get a Bonus MP3 for free.

The Track is called "Running The Gorilla".
You can listen to the Song here :

All you have to do is send us an email with the subject : "Gimme The Gorilla" and attach your proof of purchase to it.

Thanks Mates !

And Don't forget : "The Funk is strong in you......" :wink:

DeeGee :cool:

[quote="Funkatized"]Re: Bill Buckley's Funkatized CD Review

Hi guys,

we wanted to tell you about a new Funkatized CD review.
Bill Buckley from
took a closer look at our debut and reviewed it.

You find the article here.


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