2 years ago this Christmas, we lost James BROWN ...

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2 years ago this Christmas, we lost James BROWN ...

Messagepar Pari » 23/12/08 19:37

On Christmas Day 2006, the Godfather of Soul James Brown passed away. Alan Leeds once summed it up pretty well when he said that we'll all probably remember where we were when we heard that James Brown died.
Last year, to remember the first anniversary of his death, we did a radio special dedicated to James Brown. I know that many networks all over the world did the same thing, but apart from playing some pretty rare music, we've also talked to some of Brown's associated artists, and these conversations are quite personal. We talked with Soul Sister 1, Marva Whitney, James' longtime drummer Tony Cook, Sax-player Jeff Watkins, former tour manger Alan Leeds, and young hit-maker Joss Stone (who has performed with Brown a few times before he passed away).
The show is a year old, but I think it's a timeless classic and worth listening to again.

listen to the show here:

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Messagepar climaxx » 23/12/08 19:58

thanks a lot for the reminder and the radio show

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Messagepar Wonder B » 24/12/08 00:19

A timely reminder... An artist who changed his art and the world through his talent and will...
A lesson to be taught for generations to come.
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